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Igniting Your Inner Mystic

What to Expect in This Series

This series of small-group, weekend immersions will build upon one another and be experiential. Gentle guidance will help you deeply relax into your sacred connection to Infinite Love, the Inner Realms, your own brilliant Soul and Mother Earth. We will be building a holy container for our group of sisters, as we move through the Womb Trinity of the pelvis, heart and head (energetically). These wombs are portals to the Mystic Realms, where you will deeply rest in communion with blessed love, wisdom and healing. In this place old patterns and deeply rooted issues can be dissolved. These practices are intended to feed your Spirit, liberate your Soul, strengthen, nourish and revitalize every molecule within you.

Throughout the “Igniting Your Inner Mystic” immersion series, you will realize the sacred healing power of the three wombs within your body. As you cultivate these wombs, you will learn to:

- Deeply connect with Mother Earth and her potent energies to heal physical, emotional, and mental trauma.

- Deeply, deeply listen and access the profound power and wisdom of your own soul, while healing past life issues.

-Transcend perceived limitations, clear karmic patterns and open to the Holy Qualities of Infinite Love, Mercy and Compassion that are flowing freely to you, from our Divine Mother, at every given moment.


What: The first weekend immersion of this series

When:  March 2nd and 3rd from 10am-5pm

Where: The Sanctuary at Feeling Much Better!

            131 North Broadway, Suite F 

             Depere, WI 54115

For more information, or to register, call Mary Jean @ 920-883-7076

Your investment for this 2 day immersion:  $249

Deposit of $125 due by Feb. 15, 2019


What to Bring: yoga mat and comfy blanket, NSEV magnet and cord set ( if you have one)







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