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I have experienced many hands on healers through the years, for muscle distress, relaxation and even energy work. There's never been anyone who could leave me with the type of results that Mary Jean has. Not only does my physical structure heal with her perfect touch, but my psyche, my emotions and my spirit have healed thanks to the way she administers her amazing gifts and brilliance. She is so present, attentive, and in tune that no matter what was going on in my present day, she could handle it. I  have to say each session is truly a mystical experience; deeply, spiritually and physically healing.

                                                                             ~  J.V.



Thank you so much for the enjoyable and so therapeutic massage/adjustment/energy work/ and CURE! You're amazing and such a professional... Have a wonderful vacation because you know how to make it happen and create the fun!

                                                                 ~ L.S.


Dear Mary Jean,

Thank You so much for the gift today. I cannot even begin to express the healing I experienced. I am so grateful for your kind thoughts and for your gift. I don't understand how it works, but I so felt it. I cannot thank you enough. You are a blessing!


Thank You                                       ~ C.O.



...I want to leave you saying you are incredibly gifted and an amazing beacon of love. Real, real love that I've learned so much from...I wish you oodles and caboodles of blessings and love. Thank you most genuinely for everything.


                                            ~ A.H. 








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